PRM Solutions

Recent studies by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have shown that over 2.7 million disabled people and people with reduced mobility (PRM) received assistance from UK airports in 2015.
With a growing demand for airports and other transport or leisure organisations to provide facilities designed to cater for these different consumer groups, Bartrams have launched a new range of PRM products.  Working in conjunction with ground handling and boarding specialists, Aviramp, these products have been designed specifically to enhance a visitors experience, whilst offering the provider solutions to reduce logistics and staffing costs.
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The SAM chair provides a comfortable and safe way to transfer people with reduced mobility (PRM) around a large venue, including airports, rail stations and exhibition centres. Ideal for transporting a user from the car park right through to the boarding gate!
Offering maximum safety and passenger comfort, the MAC is designed to transport people with reduced mobility (PRM) around a facility with ease. The slimline design and 360° point turning circle enables the chair to access tight areas (including airplane seating aisles), providing maximum manoeuvrability whilst maintaining a cost effective, efficient boarding experience.
The CAS offers a safe and efficient way for people with reduced mobility (PRM) to transport themselves around a facility unaided. The sturdy, ergonomic design enables a visitor to easily navigate around a venue in comfort, with their luggage (up to 25Kg) stored in a handy rear basket.