BodyFoam Standard Mattress

Product Description

The BodyFoam Standard pressure relieving mattress is ideal for general ward usage.  It is compatible with most beds including profiling beds.  The double sided modulations enable it to be turned on a regular basis for durability and improve longevity.

Features & Benefits

  • Multi layered construction 3 layers of high heavy duty foam.
  • The middle section is cut fluted that helps disperse heat and moisture vapour to help keep the patient`s skin cooler and drier.
  • The two outside surfaces are modular cut that helps to disperse localise pressure.
  • Four-way monthly turning schedules are permanently printed onto the cover.
  • Unique way of ventilating mattress core: horizontal tunnels through the foam expel moist air that causes both premature foam fatigue and wet compression set.

Technical Specification

  • Length: 1930mm (76in).
  • Width: 864mm (34in).
  • Depth: 152 mm (6in).
  • Weight: 12 kg / 1.9 st.
  • Maximum User Weight: 254 kg / 40 st.
  • Colours: Royal Blue.