Galaxy 2000 Air Mattress

Product Description

The robustly built Galaxy 2000 is a 2 cell alternating air replacement mattress suitable for Very High Risk patients.  It can reduce recovery times by helping to eliminate pressure ulcers.  It is designed for the rough and tumble of nursing home and hospital usage.  With reliability as of absolute paramount importance, the Galaxy 2000 system has no elaborate or unnecessary electronics that can increase the chances of electricity spikes, making systems more difficult to operate, or expensive to service or replace.
The Galaxy 2000 can be inclined to 60 degrees with minimal cell compression.  Such an incline is made possible with technologically advanced cell design, which combines a unique hinging mechanism and circular cells that cannot topple.  These work together to prevent air cells from falling like dominoes and squashing when the mattress is profiled beyond 40 degrees.  Covered in a two way stretch, vapour permeable cover.
For the patient, this slipping down the bed can lead to compression of the diaphragm, and increased lower back strain; and for the carer, it can increase the need for the patient to be lifted back up the bed, which contravenes the minimum lifting policy.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in 42in (GX2000B) 48in (GX2000C) and 54in (GX2000D) widths.
  • Built in hip and knee area hinges.
  • Effective pressure relief when sitting up in bed.
  • Offers a 60° incline with minimal cell compression.
  • Allowing patients to sit up comfortably whilst reading, eating, watching TV, with minimal shear.
  • Digital pump with soft touch button operation.
  • Visual and audible low pressure alarm with auto firm and lock out functions.
  • 1 in 2 cell alternation alleviates pressure over 50% of the support surface and increases the area of deflated cells.
  • Adjustable girth straps ensures mattress is secured safely to the bed.
  • Provides fail-safe security against mains electricity failure and cell deflation.
  • The base foam is cut with to facilitate ease of hinging on profiling beds
  • Foam underlay.
  • Foam side walls.
  • Tape welded seams to minimise the risk of fluid ingress.
  • Aids patient transfer and prevention of patient from rolling off the mattress.

Technical Specification

  • Length: 2030mm (80in).
  • Width: 890mm (35in).
  • Depth: 205mm (8in).
  • Weight: 14.5 kg / 2.3 st.
  • Maximum User Weight: 413 kg / 65 st.
  • Colours: Navy Blue.