T-Zone 8 Air Mattress

Product Description

The T-Zone 8 is a 3 cell alternating replacement mattress with permanently inflated base cells.  A full replacement therapy mattress offers proven effective pressure ulcer treatment and prevention for users who are at Very High risk levels, or who have existing open tissue damage (EPUAP Ulcer Grade I to IV).

Pressure ulcers can develop from a wide range of extrinsic and intrinsic factors and each care scenario can be very diverse.  Through a number of therapy options, the T-Zone 8 allows you to deliver highly individualised patient care and tailor the comfort levels to suit most weights without compromising tissue integrity.  Furthermore, permanently inflated base cells provides added protection against the loss of electrical power.
With this wide range of patient suitability, clinical effectiveness, and industry leading warranty, the T-Zone 8 is fast becoming one of the UKs most popular very high risk mattresses among tissue viability professionals and nursing home managers.  Suitable for all profiling bed frames.

Features & Benefits

  • Full replacement mattress with 1 in 3 cell alternation.
  • Removes pressure from 33% of the support surface.
  • Digital pump has visual and audible low pressure alarm.
  • Auto firm and lock out.
  • Continuous Low Pressure function.
  • Reduces the internal cell pressures to below 20mmHg and stops cell alternation for a defined period of time.
  • Proven clinical benefits for light weight patients or those with sensitive skin that cannot tolerate cell alternation.
  • Cover can be removed to ease inspection and it can be washed and dried at 95°c.
  • CPR function.
  • Easy pull tab deflates chest area within two minutes.
  • Ideal for heavier patient use when a bariatric mattress is not practical.
  • Welded seams prevent fluid ingress.
  • Low air loss cells located in the sacral area help to protect tissue integrity and heal broken skin with managed care.
  • Base layer of permanently inflated cells.
  • Cells do not deflate in the event of a power loss, helping to protect the patient.

Technical Specification

  • Length: 2000mm (79in).
  • Width: 885mm (35in).
  • Depth: 230mm (9in).
  • Weight: 14.5 kg / 2.3 st.
  • Maximum User Weight: 252 kgs / 40 st.
  • Colours: Navy Blue.