Vitality 7 Mattress

Product Description

Vitality 7 pressure relieving mattress is tested to Ignition Source: Crib 7 and is suitable for high hazard environments and locked rooms.  Mindfully designed and manufactured for use in Mental Health units.   It is compatible with most beds including profiling beds.  The mattress does not require turning.  The Crib 7 Vitality (PU) cover is vapour permeable, water resistant, two way stretch  which conforms to the contours of the body.  Furthermore, all the seams are welded and do not have zips to prevent dangerous contraband being secreted within the mattress.

Features & Benefits

  • Crib 7 flame rating.
  • Fully welded seams.
  • No zip Conforms to industry standard hydro static head tests.
  • Screen printed.
  • Can be used in high hazard environments such as locked rooms.
  • Prevents fluid ingress.
  • Prevents to secretion of dangerous devices and contraband.
  • Water resistant.
  • Two way stretch and vapour permeable.
  • Cleaning instructions on and audibox.

Technical Specification

  • Length: 1980mm (78in).
  • Width: 914mm (36 in).
  • Depth: 150mm (6in).
  • Weight: 15 kg / 2.4 st.
  • Maximum User Weight: 247 kg / 39 st.
  • Colours: Lilac.