Wentworth Floorline Bed

Product Description

The Wentworth Floorline Bed is designed so the user can be placed low to the floor, reducing the risk of bed fall injuries.  A four position profiling floor level bed that rests just 125mm from the floor.  In this position it provides protection from falls, whilst giving the patient freedom to move and enhances the feeling of safety and security.

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Features & Benefits

  • Designed so user can be placed low to floor, reducing risk of bed fall injuries.
  • Slimline towers give the bed a clean, smooth and attractive appearance.
  • Electric backrest, kneebend supplied as standard.
  • Built-in control panel at foot of the bed.
  • Hand controller available as an optional extra.
  • High and low, plus tilt function options.
  • Easily folded for transportation, installation and storage.
  • 100mm Dual brake and lock wheels.
  • Additional accessories available, inc. bed extensions and self help poles.
  • Transformer is built into the bed tower to prevent damage when lowered.
  • Mounting support bar fitted to the foot of the bed, should an alternating mattress be required.
  • Large King size (1070mm/42.13in x 2030mm/79.92in) mattress version available.
  • IP66 Compliant.
  • Battery back-up (on request).

Technical Specification

  • Length: 1960mm  (77.2in).
  • Width: 900mm (35.43in).
  • Height: 125mm 720mm (4.9-28.5in).
  • Weight: 93 kg / 14.6 st.
  • Maximum User Weight: 220 kg / 34.6 st.
  • Mattress Platform (Std): 900mm x 1930mm (Approx. 35.43in x 75.98in).
  • Folded Bed Dimensions: 1400mm x 900mm x 420mm (Approx. 55.12in x 35.43in x 16.54in).
  • Colours: Cream.